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    This Halloween, I’m dressing up as Maleficent and going to all the parties I wasn’t invited to. 

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    "A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work."
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    if your boyfriend is your best friend, you’re doing it right.

    if your boyfriend is your only friend, you’re doing it wrong.


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    fun statistics for adults!
    “when I was a kid, I had no help with college tuition, I was hardworking and paid it all myself”
    -Annual tuition for Yale, 1970: $2,550
    -Annual tuition for Yale, 2014: $45,800
    -Minimum Wage, 1970: $1.45
    -Minimum Wage, 2014: $7.25
    -Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 1970: 4.8
    -Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 2014: 17.3


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    "everything I like is either expensive, illegal or won’t text me back"
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    Pros of wearing all black: looks so badass

    Cons: everyone knows I had powdered donuts

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